Universal Religion (Only in Norwegian)

Did you know that the urge to practise religion reflects man’s natural longing, consciously or unconsciously, for existential fulfilment? And did you know that psychologically speaking we can talk about one universal religion that down through the history of humankind has expressed itself in various ways?

Have you grasped that ‘the lowest common denominator’ of all the religions is love, and that this is practically the only thing that means something in this life and in this world?

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Review from a reader

Hi Bjørn!

My name is Laxsha ... (and) I am in the tenth grade. (When I) was drawn up in RLE and got the theme of "the sacred", I was quite unsure about my presentation etc. Since meditation is also part of it, I took it in my presentation. So I asked my dad if he knew anything about it, (and) he tried to explain to me a little about yoga and meditation. Then he gave me a book that you had written "Universal Religion", and it was of much use.

The book was pretty easy to understand and had a lot of useful info that I used in my conversation in the exam. Everything was useful, and I also received a great understanding in religion and answer the questions that I've wondered for a long time. I took most of what you wrote and I received a "6" on oral exam. The book was simply very useful and I also recommended one of my friends to read it. Just wanted to thank you for this book!

Greetings Laxsha