Tronsvangen Seter in Alvdal is a traditional place with roots dating back to 1885. It is located at approximately 800 meters in scenic surroundings on the climb up to the mighty Tron mountain (1666 m), and with a wide view of Rondane and Alvdal Vestfjell. There are hiking trails in the summer, and excellent skiing in winter.

The Indian philosopher, poet and professor Swami Sri Ananda Acharya, locally simply called "Baral", lived on Tronsvangen for almost 30 years from 1917 to 1945, and his grave and a memorial stone for him is placed on top of Tron. Here you can walk in his footsteps and experience the deep spiritual qualities of his legacy.

Tronsvangen Seter can be a great retreat for shorter or longer periods, or you can attend various courses organized by Mt.Tron University of Peace. You can also rent rooms for lodging independent of any programs, as well as rent rooms for seminars or private functions of various kinds.



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